About me

Cartiss is more than an African beauty.

Full of ambition, this college educated young lady is ready to conquer the world. Cartiss brings a refreshing splash of delightful sweetness into the field. Known for her inviting, down to earth personality, bright smile, and professionalism, Cartiss is able to morph into whatever character is needed in front of the camera. She already has a resume that includes numerous dance performances, roles on TV Shows, films and appeared in music videos and magazines.

Cartiss was born on June 4, in Miami, Florida where she still resides but is willing to travel. Ever since a very young age she has been performing and she love being in front of the camera. Cartiss is forever thankful for her inner circle, that includes her parents, that help keep her motivated, grounded and in good spirits. Its safe to say that any project that is blessed with her presence will be received. An ambitious woman who strives for greatness, she is on a virtuous path to not only to success but making a positive difference one community at a time.